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Cover Heizer Global EditionOperations Management (OM) is concerned with the management of resources and activities that produce and deliver goods and services for customers.  Efficient and effective operations can provide an organization with major competitive advantages since the ability to respond to customer and market requirements quickly, at a low cost, and with high quality, is vital to attaining profitability and growth through increased market share.  As competition becomes fiercer in an increasingly open and global marketplace, a company’s survival and growth become greatly contingent on its ability to run its operations efficiently and to exploit its resources productively.

The course focuses on the basic concepts, issues, and techniques for efficient and effective operations.  Special emphasis is placed on process improvement and supply chain management. Topics include operations strategy, product and service design, process design and analysis, capacity planning, lean production systems, materials and inventory management, quality management and six sigma, project management, and supply chain management.



BAB 01 Operasi dan Produktivitas

BAB 02 Lingkungan Global dan Strategi Operasi

BAB 03 Manajemen Proyek

BAB 04 Peramalan

BAB 05 Desain Produk dan Jasa

BAB 06 Manajemen Kualaitas

BAB 07 Desain Proses

BAB 08 Strategi Lokasi

BAB 09 Strategi Tata Letak

BAB 10 SDM Desain Pekerjaan dan Pengukuran Kerja

bab 11 Manajemen Rantai Pasokan

BAB 12 Manajemen Persediaan

BAB 13 Perencanaan Agregat

BAB 14 Perencanaan Kebutuhan Material (MRP)

BAB 15 Penjadwalan Jangka Pendek

BAB 16 JIT, Operasi Lean, dan Sistem Produksi Toyota

BAB 17 Pemeliharaan dan Kehandalan

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